Sassy ‘Lil Trump Confessions

{October 28, 2008}   My 1st Confession

Im just pleased that I’ve finally opened my own WP. I hope you’ll have fun reading this journal, as I am putting this up. There’s a lot of things that you will discover in here… Things you would never believe I am doing. Well, I guess I’m just really mysterious. Anyway I love being mysterious. I believe that I have a lot more to offer that’s why I remain mysterious myself.

But one thing that I cannot deny about me is that I am such a very naughty lady… especially when I am in my sexiest mood. So watch out!

I do hope you’ll enjoy reading my journal. I’ll be sharing my experiences, of course, but I’ll also be providing links to things that enhance my pleasure while I’m enjoying myself ;o) As I said, there are many things I’ve learned about what gets me off, and I’m only too willing to share!

Just drop me a line and i will get back at yah!


amateurnotions says:

I’m excited for your blog! I just started mine yesterday. Maybe it piques your interest as well? Good luck!

sassyliltrump says:

oh well thanks for dropping by. i want to visit your blog as well, so that we could exchange notes.

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